New Fall Kits

I have some new fun fall projects just for you. I hope you enjoy these. The colors are a blend of the "new" blue that you will see cropping up in new Home Decor and Clothing in the next year, mixed with the traditional fall colors of brown, rust and burnt red.

Fall Saying $10. This is a very simple kit and very easy for beginners. I put the focus on the lettering and not a bunch of floofy stuff.

Autumn Blessings $17. This is the biggest Block set we have ever done. The colors are warm and inviting and the leaves look like they have just been raked up from the yard.

You can also get both kits for $25.

If you are interested in ordering any of these kits, please email me ( by Friday October 23.

Check back tomorrow for the Fall Shape kits.

PS. If you are looking for the letter kit, I have run into a bump with the wood and am trying to get things going soon. I will let you know as soon as things get worked out.

Tracy Rushton

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