Best gift EVER

I have the best kids ever, really I do.

My husband and I have been married for 27 years (plus a few months)
One of the things we decided we would do before we ever even married was to date each week.

I think we have been pretty good at it. 

Its not easy...
When the kids were little we had to find babysitters or put them to bed and date at home, so McDonald's in front of a movie became a favorite.

When the kids were a little older somebody needed a ride to somewhere or lost their house key or had friends over or... well you get the idea.
Dates were more often then not McDonald's in the car while driving, or waiting for someone.

When the kids were teenagers we had a hundred different activities to attend (dance, choir performances, plays and musicals, track meets, basketball games, SBO raleys - you name it they did it, we went)
Dates were usually grabbing McDonald's on the way to something.

I am not complaining, I would do it all over again. Hubby and I were together, talking, laughing  and being good parents. (I hope)

Now the kids are grown (most of them) and (some of them) not living at home and we find we have a lot more time to date.  
That means McDonald's doesn't cut it anymore.

For Christmas this year, these same kids pulled their money and gave us the best gift we could get.

Its practical, perfect and paid for!  

Here is all the fun they have planned for us.

Now don't you agree I have the greatest kids!

If you are looking for a great wedding gift or Valentine gift this could be your answer.

Tracy Rushton

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