Day 11- Gift Card Holders

Day 11
Gift Card Holders

There is no shame in it! Gift Cards make a fantastic gift.  Ask my kids, they love them! If you are feeling a little guilty for handing out gift cards this year, make an easy, handmade card to hold them. 
(Still show all the love, with a lot less work!)
Supplies needed for one gift card:
1 4x6 cardstock
Scraps of printed paper
Stamps, stickers or other embellishments
Scor-pal or trimmer with a score blade
Red Tacky tape
Small glue dots
(And a gift card)
1.      On the long side of your 4x6 cardstock, score at 1” and 3 ½ “.
2.      If you have a boarder punch on hand you can add a decorative edge to the card.
3.      Fold on the score lines.
4.      Use Red Tacky Tape to hold the bottom (1”) fold in place, making a pocket for the card.
5.      Decorate the front of the card with paper and embellishments.
6.      On the inside stamp to and from or write a short message.
7.      Use a glue dot to close and secure the card.


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  1. Thanks for showing how to make these...I am doing Christmas in July over on my blog & this will be a great card to make to show as an idea! You can find me at & I will for sure link back to here for others to see where my idea came from!!

  2. Gift Card envelopes look so beautiful in different colors...thanks for sharing.