More Christmas Projects

Before I post anything else let me just say that you ladies (and men) are wonderful!  In the last two weeks I have had more orders for kits than I have ever had by triple or more! WOW!  Thank you Thank you and I am so glad you keep coming back for more.

For those of you who still need some last minute decorating or gift ideas here are 4 new kits that are fast and easy but lots of fun.

Elf Approved
kit cost $14
Let everyone who stops by know that you are up and ready.  Its also a good reminder to your children that someone is watching them.  This kit has everything, vinyl, paper, wire, wood and even a couple of Jingle Bells!

Too Late?
Kit cost $10
Remind everyone that it is never to late to be good.  This kit is a fast and easy one, perfect for youngsters or those with limited time.

Christmas Sign Post
Kit cost $15
Another fun and easy project.  Stands almost 2 feet tall and is perfect for a corner or table.

Jingle All The Way Blocks
Kit cost $ 16
This is for those of you who can not get enough of the blocks.   Help everyone get ready for the season with this fun and cute saying.  Includes both paper and vinyl.

 So there you have it. These kits will probably be the last ones I put up for a few weeks. PLEASE have all orders turned into me by Monday Nov 22 to receive them the first week in December. After that I will still do kits but it may take a while to get them done as I have a lot going on in December.

As an update, the Merry Christmas, Christmas Countdown and the Gifts are still all available but the original paper is no longer is.  If you want these kits I will substitute paper for you.

Thank you again for being so wonderful!

Tracy Rushton

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  1. I love all of your kits and have several of them, so I hope this isn't offensive, but shouldn't it be "TOO late to be good" instead of "to late"?

  2. Thank you. You are right. I will fix it ASAP!

  3. Are these still available? I would like the Elf Approved one.

  4. Are the Christmas Sign Post kits still available?