Sweet 16 Birthday Party

Are you ready for another Birthday inspired post?
This past month my baby turned 16.  
Really? 16?  How did that happen?

Anyway last minute she decided she wanted a party, so we scheduled the church and sent out some quick invites and all was ready...
except for the decorations.

She kind of wanted to do it herself so she bought balloons and paper streamers but then decided she wanted me to add just a touch more.

Of course the first thing I thought of was a banner.
You have to have a banner right?

She wanted pink, green and grey to match the balloons and things she had already gotten.  I was working on the Valentine's Dance decorations so I reused some of the same ideas and came up with this.

She liked it so much she asked if she could hang it in her room after the party.
(Score for mom!)

Next up was the photo booth.  We couldn't really come up with a cleaver booth so we decided on a "Selfie Station" instead!

First I cut out some words and hearts and we put them on a white board for the background. 
(please excuse the less then perfect pictures-- that's what happens in a church gym)

I made a sign and cut out props using files from SVG Attic
 Armed with Selfie sticks, props and a sign we were ready.

The last thing my sweet sixteen year old wanted was NO CAKE!  
She really doesn't like cake but can you have a birthday party without cake?

How about a paper cake, filled with m&m's?

I purchased this file from My Scrap Chick a while ago but had never used it.

We used the paper cake as the center piece and then everyone got to take a favor home.
Win, win!  Cake without the cake!

For entertainment we hooked up my laptop to the projector and wireless speakers.  the kids, danced, talked , ate, laughed and had fun then we finished it up with a movie.

The party turned out to be a lot of fun, of course teenagers are fun to begin with (if not a little crazy)!
Next time I hope I get more than a few days notice!

Tracy Rushton

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