Master Of The Grill

Father's Day is just around the corner and I needed something original for my SIL Brysen.
They just bought a new grill and he LOVES that thing.  They did a family BBQ the other night and it was fun just watching him.  He was so proud of their new toy and I knew then I had to get him something he could play with use.
First we took a trip to Lowes and found a really nice BBQ utensil set and storage case. 
 Next I decided to use my Cameo and make an apron.
I used this image from the Silhouette Store.
I sized it to fit the apron. Using Heat Transfer Material,  I cut out the knife and spatula as one piece and the fork as another.
I created the text and cut it out of the Heat Transfer as well.
Once everything was arranged, I pressed the Heat Transfer to the apron.
Brysen was so excited about his apron, in fact I think he might have liked it even more than the utensils. 
Score for me!
I will put together a tutorial showing how to use the heat transfer and how to create curved text.
Keep watching.


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