SVG Attic and Holographic Paper

A couple of days ago I shared a project I did for my French Loving young daughter,
today I want to share the 2nd half of that project

Last time I showed you how to make the Eiffel tower using the
 SVG Attic kit  SDS Paris Voyage.

This time I am going to show you how to create the fun  Paris night light, using another file from the same kit.

First gather all of your supplies. 
* A shadow box (I used and  8 "x 8" box)
*Some type of small lights. 
The firefly lights are perfect.  they have a timer switch on the back and the wires make it ideal for bending and placing in a  small area. 
*Holographic Peal and Stick Paper.

If you are having troubles finding some of these products try amazon.

You will also need vinyl and a fun image.

SDS Paris Voyage

I used the Eiffel Tower Bag Stencil from the Paris Voyage Kit

Cut the Holographic paper to the size of your glass.  I used the inside piece of cardboard as a template.

Remove the backing and place the Holographic paper to the inside glass of the shadow box.
Remove any air bubbles and smooth into place.

Unwind the lights, bend them a little so that all the lights fit inside the shadow box. 
(if your box has the "inside frame"  place that inside first).
Arrange the lights in a pleasing manner.

Cut a small hole in the back piece in the bottom corner to run the lights out of .

Place the back on and let the cord and battery back hang outside.

Cut out your vinyl (or purchase it if you don't have a digital cutter)
Use transfer tape to place the vinyl to the front of the shadow box.

Set you shadow box up and turn on the lights.

I took a picture with the lights on and  one with the lights off.  
I am so happy with this project and my daughter is excited to add it to her room decor.

I still have some leftover Holographic paper and can't wait to try something else with it.


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