Candy Countdowns

First, before you get any farther, I know these pictures are awful. My front room isn't the best place for taking photos. Oh well.

This week we put together our traditional Candy Countdowns. They are so fun and easy to do, the kids pretty much do their own and I help with the knots.

Here are some photos with instructions to follow.

Supplies needed:
Plastic wrap
Ribbon ( I used curling ribbon this year but we have used fabric ribbon or yarn before also. Just what ever you happen to have on hand.)
Slips of paper with "elf services" on them
Number tags --I used two different ones. The round ones are from Kelly Brown at heartland paper that she used for a different countdown. (You will not need the secound page.) The others were done using my Silhouette.

1.Unroll a piece of Plastic wrap about 4 feet long.

2.Lay 24 pieces of paper with elf services down the middle of the plastic. (we do things like, help____ with a chore, Read a Christmas story to someone, Write 10 things you are grateful for, etc.)

3. Place a piece of candy on each paper.

4. fold the sides of the plastic over and "scrunch"

5. Tie a knot, with a number tag, between each piece of candy. Starting at the bottom with number 24 and work backwards.

6. Tie a tag with the childs name at the top. Tie another loop at the top to hang it up with.

How to use:
Each night before going to bed, cut off the bottom piece of candy just below the next days tag.
You should eat the last candy on Christmas Eve, just before Santa comes.

You can start this Countdown any day before Christmas. The kids will love it! (and so do the adults.)

I hope you enjoy.

Tracy Rushton

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