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I was looking over some of the projects I have done in the past when I found this Folder Mini Album and thought I would share it.  Of course the paper I originally used is no longer in print,  but you could use some fall paper and make a really fun "thanksgiving" mini.

Legal size File Folder, 3 or 4 sheets of printed-paper, (I used Basic Grey, Sultry Collection). You will also need 3 or 4 colors of card Stock, liquid adhesive and the Score-Pal.

IMG_3641 copy

Begin by scoring the file folder in half.
IMG_3645 copy

Open the file folder and fold on the new scored line. Now score in half and each side in half again.

IMG_3646 copy

IMG_3649 copy
Open up and decorate the top section with paper and card stock. (This will be the inside of the pockets that will show.)

IMG_3653 copy
Turn the bottom up and decorate.

IMG_3654 copy

Open again and cut the pocket openings. Apply liquid glue on the scored areas (black lines) and fold up to form pockets.

IMG_3656 copy

Decorate both the front and backside of the folder by using punches, buttons and ribbon.

IMG_3659 copy

IMG_3663 copy

Make tags to fit inside the pockets and decorate them.

IMG_3666 copy

These little folder makes a great gift and you can do it for any occasion. They are heavy and will hold up very well.

I hope you all have a great Thanks Giving! Enjoy your week!


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