An Award

I just found out that some of you really like my blog...I even got an award!

Mary at gave this to me and I am very excited. Thanks you so much!!

I am suppose to list 10 things about myself so here goes...
1. I am a Stay At Home Mom who is never home.
2. I am a total girly girl
3. Pink is my favorite color
4. If I can't craft, my day isn't complete
5. My husband is my very best friend (really he is!)
6. I love hanging out with my teenage daughters (most of the time)
7. I have over 40  scrapbook albums completed
8. Favorite date is a movie and pop corn
9. Monday is my favorite day of the week
10. I wish I could play the piano

Now 5 things I don't like...
1. COLD (inside, outside, I just don't like to be cold.)
2. washing dishes (however it is something that always has to be done.)
3. Ice cream--okay I don't hate it, but its not my first choice for desert.
4. Shoes
5.Did I mention Cold?

And to finish this up, 10 blogs that I give this award to.  (check them out, they are pretty cool.)

Thanks again Mary.

Tracy Rushton

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