Spring Blossoms

Spring is here and it is one of my favorite times of the year.  
I love the warmer weather and the flowers that are just blooming!
If you do too you will love this new project.

These spring blocks are perfect for bringing some of the outdoors inside!

JGW Batwing Brew

Believe it or not this was created using the block files from the 
JGW Batwing Brew Collection over at SVG Attics.

Did you ever think you could use a Halloween file for Spring?
This kit is so versatile, you could do it for almost any theme.

Just change up the words and you have a perfect Spring set.
I used some of my favorite paper from Doodle Bug and added some Doodle Pop Stickers and ribbon to finish it up.

Here are some close up pictures:

Jody gives great instructions here to put the blocks together.  There are a lot of pieces but it goes together quick and easy.

For more ideas and projects visit the SVG Attic's Blog


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  1. Beautiful, beautiful choices on papers and embellishments with this project! I love that you took elements from a Halloween set and made something for spring.

  2. This is so so amazing! I just love it all and the colors are so brilliant!