Christmas Box and Card (Christmas In July)

Merry Christmas!!!
I know, its 105 degrees in Salt Lake today but My Scrap Chick is celebrating 
Christmas in July.

I love Christmas so anytime is a good time to celebrate, but getting a head start is a great reason to start crafting early too.

Poinsettias are one of my favorites so for this project I created two star boxes and a poinsettia card.

Start with the Star Trio Box files 

These boxes have some beautiful summer flowers but omit these flowers and add the poinsettia file to create a perfect Christmas box.

For this project I used both the medium and small boxes, (the lid fits all three sizes).

I used gold vinyl for the center of the flowers.

Create a card using the Poinsettia Christmas Card file.  The sentiment is also cut from the gold vinyl.


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