Large Patriotic Decor Pieces

Today's project is from SVG Attic and I am using files from the 

 Its not too early to start on some Patriotic decor and these files makes it so easy.
Grab the files, some paper (by Photo Play) and a glue gun.

I started with the Chunky 3D Star.  
This project was originally designed to lace together but because I wanted to add the rosette to the front of the star, I instead used my low melt glue gun and glued the sections together. 

In order for the rosette to fit the star, I decreased the size.
(In Silhouette, choose a scale of 75%)

I also decided not to use the July 4th words and placed one of the stickers from the sticker sheet on the rosette.

Assemble the rosette using a cool melt glue gun- I promise; Rosettes are a breeze with a glue gun!

Love, Love, LOVE the roman candle file.
The three wicks go together pretty simple using the glue gun again.
I cut the wicks from copy paper but you could use almost anything.

Here is a close up of the rosette done for the roman candle.  Once again I used stickers from the sticker sheet and a glue gun.

The roman candle is pretty big.  I place it next to this sparkling cider bottle so you can get an idea of how big it is. 
The candle is 10" tall and the wicks add another 2.5".

There are also two bottom options so if you want, you can fill the candle with treats or a gift.

A couple of years ago I made the smaller fire crackers from the JGW Festive Fourth collection .
If you are interested click here for all the information.

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Be sure to check out SVG Attic and get started on those July projects.

Tracy Rushton

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