More Valentine Ideas

I realize I have not posted for a little while. Our vacation was great. Then I got sick and well you know how that goes. But I am back.

For HFPE night this week we did a white elephant Valentine gift exchange. I was in a hurry so I put these little candy jars together pretty quick. (for me and my girls.) I think the chocolate was the winner not the jars. Sorry the photos are bad. I really need to look into getting a new battery for my nice camera.

This last idea is not one that I did but one a couple of girls from work did. I have to give credit to Marie and Mellisa. But it was so cute. I loved the idea and thought I would share!

It is just a simple sugar cone, dipped in chocolate and then sprinkles. Then they filled it with candy, put it in a cello bag and tied with a ribbon. So cute!


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