St. Patick Day Ideas

Tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day and like usual I have nothing planned. (Well that's not true, I did by the eggs and ham for our yearly green eggs and ham meal.) I was trying to find some fun things for the younger kids to do.

First I found this really cute Hairbow at Kaboose. (here is the link.) I think is should be pretty easy to do.

Next I found a bunch of printable games and crafts at DLTK (click here for the link)
I really liked the Bingo game and Shrinky Dink Patterns.

I also found at DLTK, coloring pages, word searches and this super cute joke book that I know the kids will love!

So if you are in a panic, sit back, take a deep breath and then print a couple of these things from your computer! Your kids will love you.

Happy St. Paddies (oh and don't forget to wear your green!

Tracy Rushton

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