Flag and Firecrackers

I got them done and Finally got them on my blog. These fire crackers are so fun to do and perfect for the month of July.

(Round Firecrackers)

(rectangle firecrackers)

(Firecrackers for sale)
If anyone is interested in doing these I can either put kits together or we can set up a craft night. I just need a date.

The cost on these is $10 each group or $25 for all three.

I am still taking orders for the Flag Blocks also. The cost on that is $12

I love my shelf with all of them together.


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  1. Tracy I love the firecrackers and USA and firecrackers for sale...How do I go about getting the set of 3 ? I have taken a few classes of yours at Heartland. My name is GayLinn Bradshaw and my e-mail is gaylinn6@msn.com Thank You

  2. Tracy, are you still interested in doing a craft night in my neighborhood? Let me know if so and I'll get the word out. What is your calendar looking like. Thanks - Sunshine -Sunshineb8s@msn.com