New *Summer Sunshine Collection

New Kits Available
Introducing the Summer Sunshine Collection

I am so excited to bring this new set of kits to you. I have created 4 kits, one to fit every budget, time constraints and ability, (although all kits are easy to do)

Small Flip Flop Saying $10.00

Large Flip Flop Saying $12.00

Fun Wood Letters $15.00

Summer Sunshine Blocks $16.00

I will be taking orders until July 13th and kits will be available July 20th for pick up or we can try and work out a delivery. I can also do some group craft nights.

If you order the full collection, (includes Summer Sunshine block, Fun wood letters and either Large or Small Flip Flop saying), I will give you a $5.00 Discount. To order email me @ or just leave a comment with your email address.

Are you doing a family get together for the 24th? This would make a great project.

All kits come with everything you need to finish except basic supplies like Adhesive and ink.

Thanks for Checking it out.


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