Wood Letter How To

Here is a helpful step by step guide to applying paper to the wood letters.

1. Decide what side of the paper you want showing on your letter.

2. Turn your paper upside down. (the side you want showing on the letter should be facing your work surface. Turn your letter upside down on the paper,(the letter looks backwards now), and trace it with a pencil.

3. Cut the letter out of the paper with a good pair of scissors. Lay it on the wood to make sure it fits. If you need to trim a little go ahead and do so now.

4. Apply a thin layer of Mod Podge on the wood. Put the paper on the wood and smooth it out using a Popsicle stick, a credit card or a scrapper.

5. After the paper has dried, take a small piece of sandpaper and sand the edges of the letter. This will smooth out the loose edges of the paper and it will lay flat with the edge of the wood.

6. Dust off any small pieces of paper and lint.

7. Ink the edges of the letter (if you like the distressed look) and then go over the top of the letter with another thin layer of Mod Podge. Set aside to dry.

7. Once the letter is dry you can add Ribbon and other Embellishments.

8. Enjoy your wood letters

Tracy Rushton

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