Layouts from Bo Bunny and Tips

Over the weekend I went to the Scrapbook Expo here in Salt lake. We had a blast. Its always fun to share my very favorite hobby in the world, scrapbooking with my sisters.

I am also loving the new Bo Bunny lines and thought I would share a few of the pages I finished with some little tips.

Hope you don't mind

This first layout I did using paper from Abby Road Collection. I love the colors.

I also used some plastic flowers from Maya Road. Zip dry is my friend. It held the flowers and buttons in place. I kept the flowers to a minimum so as not to over power the photos.

These next two layouts I did using the U Bug Me Collection. I love the little bugs and the fun colors. It was perfect for photos of my son and all his boy cousins

I used the Cut out sheet to do my journaling. Then I cut out the square tags, placed them on Chipboard and inked the edges. This gave the layout dimension without adding a bunch of embellishments and taking away from the photos.

The last layout was pretty busy so I cut the paper into small strips and then inked the edges. This lifts the paper off the page.

As you can tell, I like to keep the focus of my layouts on the photos. It may not win any awards, but I scrapbook to record memories.

Hope you all have a great day and find some time this week to scrapbook or create or whatever makes you happy.

PS An Update on the kits. I have all kits that have been ordered and will have them ready for pick up or delivery on Friday. I am now taking second rounds of orders. I will post dates later this week. Oh and I have some cute things in the work for Fall and everyday. Check back soon!


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