More Enrichment and group kits

I have been putting together kits for more enrichment groups and thought I would share them with you. Even though they are for groups, I am taking individual orders on them also.

Love Blocks $10. I love the Pink and Black on this kit. They are perfect for Valentines, a girly room or even a self in your family room or office.

Blue Snow Blocks $10. No you are not seeing double. I did a snow block already. This block set is more blue for those who like a true blue snowstorm.

Winter Blocks $12. This is my favorite kit. It is done in pinks and browns and has hints of coziness even though the snow maybe outside your window.

If you are interested in ordering any of these kits please let me know by Friday October 23. (

If I can help you with your Super Saturday please let me know.


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