Project 12

*This is a copy from Scrapbook & Cards Today but I loved it so much and thought it was such a wonderful idea I decided to re-post it here. I hope you will join me with this project. I am looking forward to it!

Project 12 Launch
What is Project 12?

By now you’ve seen the announcement and have started to hear rumblings of a 2010 scrapbooking challenge. You may have heard the name BECKY FLECK associated with it as well. 2010 is just a few short days away, so I wanted to prepare you for the year ahead and encourage you to participate in what will make a great addition to your scrapbook albums – in 12 easy steps!

Project 12 started out as a compromise to the yearly challenge of taking 365 photos. I know I am not organized enough to remember to do something like that on a daily basis, so the idea of that challenge was very overwhelming. I thought it would be much easier to summarize my life on a monthly basis, and that is the concept of Project 12.

The Project 12 challenge is simple. The idea is to create a layout on a monthly basis which recaps what you’ve been doing. Whether you took 31 photos, no photos, or 100 photos, simply choose your favorites that best described what you were doing that month, and create a layout.
Are you excited? I am more than excited to host the challenge with Becky’s help this year. How creative and interesting! Becky Fleck is so smart!

If you are looking for photo ideas for January, you might try:

January 1 - what were you doing New Years Day?
Resolutions - did you start that new workout regime? Break out that spandex and set up the tripod. :)
Winter/Snow photos – Summer, for my Aussie friends.

*For more information, and to check out some ways to win cool prizes, click here.
If you plan to join me, leave a comment.

PS. Here is the scetch for January if you choose to use it. (of course, you can always do your own layout also.)

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