Recipe Box from We R Memory Keepers

My Daughter, who is headed back to college, wanted some of my recipes so I have been looking at some fun ways to do something really cute for her. We R Memory Keepers has one solution:

Here are just two different samples I found using that plain box.

(I know, this isn't a recipe box but I love the idea!)

Silhouette also has some super cute Recipe cards that are print and cut.

Bound with the Bind-it –all it could make a really cute little recipe book. Hmmm… I am going to have to give this some serious thought. Maybe I will do both.

Here is a bonus for you today. Did you know Basic Grey now carries fabric?

It’s a little spendie but sooooo cute.

I also found a pattern to make these adorable fabric flowers that you can attach to a bag, shirt or make hair clips with.

I hope this gets you in the mood to do some crafting… I know I am!


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