Easter Kits

So what do you think of at Easter Time?  Ribbons, buttons and bows?  Fat Bunnies? Pretty pinks and purples?  You are in luck because my new collection has all of it.  I had so much fun putting these together, I hope you like them

Bunny Crossing Blocks have  buttons and bows with lots of Easter shapes and all those pretty pastel colors(they almost look like Easter Eggs). Your friends will ooh and ahh when they see these sitting on your shelf. Cost is $16

I can't take all the credit for these Easter Eggs  (another company has similar ones,) but I had so many requests for them I just had to do them.  I changed the size up and reduced the price. They are not hard to do but no one will know that.  Cost for the Easter Eggs $12.

Here is a little reminder that the Easter Bunny will soon be on his way.  Kids and adults will love this one and it is so easy to do.  Bunny Trail saying cost is only $10

If you want all three the cost is only $33.

And I am not done yet... I have had so many requests for a door hanger I decided to offer that also this month.

This cute little chubby bunny is ready to wish all your friends and family a Happy Easter.
Chubby Bunny Door Hanger is $10

To order, email me (rushton_tracy@yahoo.com) by  Friday,  March 12. All orders should be filled the following week.


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  1. Super cute ideas... I love the hoping down the bunny trail... love the bright colors! Vicki

  2. so tracy, do I put them together myself and you just provide the materials? Very cute stuff!

  3. Michelle, they come as a kit. The wood is pre-painted and it has everything you need to finish the project including sand paper, buttons etc. You will need a few basic supplies you probably alread have on hand.(ie, glue or Mod Podge) All the paper is precut also. Crafting should be fun-not work!