New Project 12 Sketches

Wow April almost got away and I didn't even get the new Sketch up.  If you are following along  with project 12, here is the sketch for April.

I love this sketch and I have the perfect Pictures for it already.  I can not wait to get started on it.

Someone emailed me and said they could not find the Sketch for February.  I thought I had posted it (but there is a good chance I did not) so here it is if you missed it.

It is just way to cue not to use. I am thinking pinks, reds and all things "lovey"

Now I am really in the mood to scrapbook.  I think if I get some spare time this weekend I will be found in my little corner playing with paper and other fun things.  How about you?  Lets see what you are working on.

Tracy Rushton

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