August Calendars

August is here already.  I hope it slows down just a tad.  "Where have you been?" you might be asking.  Well in the last 4 weeks I have been to California, Girls Camp, Idaho 3 times and we just got back from Yellowstone last night.  Its been fun and crazy but I am really ready for some down time.  Some how I was able to get all the kits that were ordered in July out (sorry if the wait was a little longer than normal).  I am now putting the finishing touches on August's kits and will post them on Monday. 

In the mean time here are the August Desktop Calendars. 


The one I chose this month is from Scrapbook Dimensions  Love all that pink!!! They also have a link to download that curly font for free if you like it.  What a great deal!

Also last week was CHA.  One of these days I am going to go.  Lots and lots of new items were released with all kinds of ideas and projects.  As I find new wonderful things I will share them with you so be sure to check back often.

Have a great weekend.


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