Nativity Kits

It's no secret, I love Christmas. I love everything about it but mostly I love the feeling that is in the air. Everyone seems to be a little kinder and a little happier.

I have 3 kits to get you ready to start the season

Mary and Joseph
kit cost $18.00
 This kit stands 12" tall and 12" across.  It comes with pre-painted wood, paper and  fabric.  Mary and Joseph would make a great gift for the hard to shop for person.

Nativity Blocks
kit cost $16.00

Do your kids like to play with your nice ceramic nativity set? This kit is your answer. It includes 14 pre-painted blocks, paper and nativity silhouettes. let the kids help put it together.  They can even play with it while telling the story of that special night.

Nativity Saying Blocks
Kit cost $12.00
What a perfect way to remind everyone why we celebrate the season.  This kit is a re-do from last year.  I hope you love it as much as I do.

Well there you go, 3 Nativity Kits.  Please email me with your order.  (rushton)

Tracy Rushton

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