Welcome Fall

 I don't know about all of you but our weather here in Utah is all mixed up.  It rained on Halloween and SNOWED a few days before that.  Now its November and the sun is shinning.  It might be a little chilly but really it is very nice for this time of year.

But it is November...

and no matter the weather I have 3 new kits I am sure you will enjoy.

Fall Blocks Kit
Cost $14.00
You will love the browns, oranges, yellows and greens.  The cute pumpkin and straw are so inviting.  This is a fun way to bring some of those beautiful colors indoors.

Fall Saying Blocks
cost $10.00
  Give the kids something to work on, or if you are short on time this kit is for you.  The colors are fun and rustic and its a great way to remind all who see it to "Give Thanks". This is a fun and easy kit.

Fall Sign Post
Cost $15.00

 Here is something new and different.  This kit comes painted or unfinished.  It includes vinyl, leaves and straw.  Sign post stands almost 2 feet tall and is perfect for a corner or to display with the other kits.

Of course you can order all three kits for just $34.00

I know Thanksgiving is just around the corner so please have orders into me (rushton_tracy@yahoo.com) by this Friday November 5th to guarantee kits will be done on time.


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