Kit Updates and FYIs

Hello everyone.  I hope you are having a great week.   I have had a few emails and thought maybe others had some questions so I will answer them here.

All kits that were ordered last week are almost finished.  Everything should be ready for pick up, delivery or shipping by Saturday. I think we my have had another record month.  I love you crazy crafting people.  Keep it up.

Yes you can still order the Valentine and Snowflake kits.  I will work on them as fast as I can.  It usually takes me a week to get all the orders finished after a date closes.  If you would like to order kits please email me ASAP as I will be cutting wood this weekend.

I have had a few people ask about the Mini Kits.  Here is the low down.  The mini kits include wood dimensions,  paint colors , a color photo and instructions to finish.  It also includes the paper and letters.  It does not include embellishments, ribbons, buttons etc. It also does not include brushes, sand paper and other tools.

I am not going to do Mini kits for all projects, only those that include a lot of wood.   .It is mostly for those who live out of state, order large orders and get discouraged with shipping prices.

For those of you who live in the Salt Lake area, I will continue to arrange places to meet.

One last question that comes up often.  Yes, you can order kits from the past.  Keep in mind that paper companies  have new paper coming out all the time.  Once a paper is gone its gone, and I can not get it.  I will substitute other paper but it isn't what the photo show.  It also takes me just a little longer to put the older kits together because I am not doing as many of them.

Let me put a shout out to all of you wonderful people, from Carolina to California, (not to mentions all of you here at home!)  I LOVE sharing projects with you and I hope you find enjoyment in them.  Thank you for your support!

Tracy Rushton

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