St. Patrick's Day kits

Can you believe tomorrow is March?  That's just crazy!
I am a little late getting these on (blame it on a short month) but here are two new St. Patrick's day kits for you.

 Kiss me blocks
cost $16.00
Mini Kiss Me Kit $9.00
 Need some extra smooches from those you love, put out this sign and I am sure you will get a few.  Complete with 4-leaf clovers, plaid fabric and a Lucky tag.  You will be sure to love this one.

Hanging 4-leaf clovers
cost $10.00
 These three plaid hanging clovers will be sure to bring you luck.  They are small and easy to display on a shelf or in a corner.  Arrange the blocks anyway to like, hang your clovers and wait for the *good luck.

*good luck, not guaranteed, you have to do that on your own :)

In order to get you your kits in time, all orders that are turned in before Thursday March 3 will be finished on Monday.  Orders can be taken after the third and I will get them out as soon as I can.

Tracy Rushton

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