Hair Flowers

I am happy to report that all Easter Kits from round 2 and all of the Sweet Life Mini Albums are finished. Most of been shipped out or picked up.   I am working on a Mothers day block and putting the finishing touches on the spring kits.  My kids have been on Spring Break but everything should be ready soon.  Keep checking.

I thought I would share an activity my 11 year old daughter and her friend worked on last week.  We made fabric flowers using my sizzix die cuts and some leftover flannel fabric.

We kind-of created a mess in the family room- the sign of a true crafter!

Here are some close ups.  I sewed my buttons on.  D5 used the glue gun (but with adult supervision) and glued hers together.

We used some old worn out jeans and I loved the way they turned out!

Printed flannel left over from Christmas PJs

Just a few of the ones we did.  She gave some to her teacher for her baby.  I am going to put some in the YW Silent Action next month.

All in all it was a fun way to spend the afternoon.


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