Sweet Life Mini Album

Those who know me, know I love Mini Albums.  They are probably my most favorite thing to create.  I am so excited to be offering this Mini Album
 this month.

Introducing Sweet Life Mini Album

14 pages with lots of room for photos and journaling.

Lots of layers, buttons, ribbons and fun embellishments (with instructions of how to do each one.)

Pages come pre-punched and the wire binding is included.

Cost for kit $18.00

This little mini album is perfect for sharing your favorite spring photos.  It would also make a great brag book for mothers and grandmas, perfect for Mother's Day

If you would like to make the Mini Album in a class setting I will be teaching at Heartfelt Creations on
April 19 @ 6:00pm.
(cost at the store is $21)

Email me to order a kit or call Heartfelt Creations (Phone: 801-233-9028) to sign up f or a class

I look forward to hearing from you soon.


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