Let Freedom Ring

I can't believe how crazy May has been.  Has it for you?  CrAzY!!!  One more week to go and then school is out and all this running around will be done (or get worse?)

I am currently working on some brand new patriotic kits that will be perfect for the months of June and July.  They are not quit done yet, I hope to have them up next week. 

I am teaching a class, Let Freedom Ring at Heartfelt in a couple of weeks.

Let Freedom Ring
cost $15
Show your patriotic side with this rustic wood, vinyl and paper kit. Everything you need to finish this fast and easy block set. Includes all embellishments.

I only have a limited number of these kits.  I will be taking orders until May 31.  If you would like to take it as a class at Heartfelt click here for information to sign up. Class will be held  Thursday, June 16 from 6 to 9 PM


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