Thanksgiving Kits

I know, Halloween isn't even here yet but I have been so busy filling orders I thought it would be a great time to get a jump start on Thanksgiving/Fall.

Here are 5 new kits for you.

Give Thanks
cost $14
Lots of beautiful fall colors on this one.  This kit is also available as a class at Heartfelt on Nov 3 and I have pre-sold over a dozen without even placing it on the blog.  Grab yours now before the paper is gone and I can't do anymore.

Thanksgiving Subway Art
cost $12

Are you loving these? Subway art comes unpainted and they are so fast and easy to do. Place on a shelf, use with a metal easel or get the metal hangers ($6).  What a great way to remember the reasons we enjoy this great day!

Thanksgiving Trio
cost $10
Trios now come with unpainted wood. They are perfect for a shelf or table top.  Trios are perfect for moms or kids and they are a great way to introduce the young ones to crafting.

Pumpkin Trio
cost $10
Another easy and fun project. Kit comes with unpainted wood and embellishments. 

Turkey Gobble Gobble
cost $15
 This little turkey is a remake of the one I did a couple of years ago.  He comes with pre-painted wood, paper, vinyl and all the embellishments.
He will look so cute sitting on your table or shelf and brings a smile to all who see him.

So there you go, 5 new kits.  I will be taking orders until October 31.
Please email me at

Have a great weekend!


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