The crafty girl's 12 days of Christmas

If you haven't looked at the calendar yet, or even if you have and you feel that time is quickly running out, don't panic, there is still time!

We are going to have our own 12 days of Christmas here on the blog and also on the Heartfelt blog.
You will also be able to check out each project at Heartfelt Creation's store in Sandy.

I will show you how to make  fun crafts, gifts, decor, tags and all things "Christmasy" in the next 12 days so be sure to check it out .

If you are like me your time and your pocket book are on short supply, but don't worry all of the projects will be easy on both your time and your money.

So grab a cup of Hot Chocolate and join me, starting December 10th, as we count down the days and have a lot of fun.


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