Day 10- Sour Cream Tubes

Day 10
Sour Cream Tubes

These little Sour Cream Tubes are the easiest things in the world to make and they go together so quickly; perfect for those last minute treats!

For each tube you will need:
6x6 printed cardstock
2- 1.5 x 3 coordinating cardstock
Red tacky tape

1.      Run the red tacky tape along one side of the 6x6 cardstock.
2.      Role into a tube and secure with the tape.
3.      Staple the bottom together
4.      Fill with your favorite treat (almond m&m’s mmm!)
5.      Close the top in the opposite direction and staple closed.

To finish
Score the 1.5 x 3 strips in half the long ways.  Fold over, with tacky tape apply to both ends of the tubes to hide staples.

Add a tag and some button and ribbon.


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