Day 4- Glitter Snowflake Ornament

Day 4
Snowflake Ornaments
Believe it or not, we haven't had much snow so far this week
so, if you have been wanting to bring some of those beautiful snowflakes indoors without the cold, here is the solution; a Beautiful  glittery Snowflake ornament. 
Today’s project takes a little time but it is so worth it; and its double sided so you can see it from anywhere around the tree.

For one snowflake you will need:
4” x 8.5” Blue Cardstock
Scraps of pink cardstock
White cardstock
Spray adhesive
Ultra fine glitter
Glue gun
1.     Score across the long side of the blue cardstock every ½ inch.
2.     Cut the blue card stock in half so you have 2 pieces 2”x 8 ½ “.
3.     Fan fold the two pieces and glue the ends together to form a circle
4.     Cut out 2 middle circles, measuring approximately 3” using a punch, die cut or digital cutter (Silhouette/Cameo)
5.     Gather the blue cardstock together in the middle and hot glue the middle to the front and back to secure. (For photos and detailed step by step instructions see the Halloween Banner.)

6. Cut out two 4" snowflakes with a punch or digital cutter.
7.     Spray the snowflake with spray adhesive.
8.     Cover with glitter and dump off excess.
9.     Glue snowflake to front and back of ornament.
10.     Punch a small hole in the top and add string or ribbon.

That’s all there is to it.  Think of how pretty a banner would be with a bunch of the snowflakes strung together!

Tracy Rushton

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