Last Chance to order kits this year

I have to say that I am feeling a little astonished and humbled at the amount of support we have received this last month.  Between individual orders, craft groups, super Saturdays, family reunions and classes I haven't had a chance to catch my breath. All I can say is Thank You! I am so glad you enjoy the kits, that's why I do what I do.

I am trying to finish things up for the year so I can spend the Holidays with my family.  Orders will be taken through Monday Dec 5 and everything will be ready to pick up or ship by the 10th.  Any orders turned in after the 5th will have to wait until January.

The Believe in the Magic kit is completely sold out.  I can do more but it would be with different paper.

2 bits of good news...
1. There are some really fun winter and valentine kits  in the works so keep checking back!
2.  I am finishing up the "12 days of Christmas" for the Heartfelt blog and will begin posting those  ideas and projects next week.


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