Hanging Heart Box

So I got my Cameo and I am LOVING it!  Today I finally got a little time to play around with it.  I used the fill feature and brought in some paper from a digital kit I purchased at My Memories, (its the I Toadally Love You kit and its on sale right now!) and the heart box from the silhouette store. I had to make my own handle but that  was way easy with a rectangle and the fill feature again.

Then I used the trace feature to cut out the frog, tag and heart. 

Here is the finished project.

Its a pretty simple little box, but filled with some yummy chocolate hearts it will be perfect for giving to friends or even a teacher. 

If you don't have a Cameo , here is a template I found. 
Lets see what fun projects you are working on this week.


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1 comment :

  1. Very cute.

    And jealous of the cameo! You better let someone take good care of your old Sil or it will get lonely. I wonder if I can find anyone...