Winter kits 2012

Happy New Years, I hope everyone had a great Christmas and are looking forward to the New Year.
We had one daughter get engaged and another one headed that way.  Looks like I will be in wedding mode this year!

Anyway, I have some new kits and am excited to share them with you but first I have to explain.  Here in Utah we haven't seen much snow this year and it was kind of a "brown" Christmas.  Don't get me wrong, I love the warmer weather and being able to go outside without freezing my tushie but I know some are missing it. 

Because I don't care for cold weather, I don't really love to decorate for it.  I would prefer to go from Christmas to Valentines and forget all the snow.  This year I designed 4 kits around my desire to celebrate Valentines early and remembering those who really like (or in some cases, miss) the snow.

Snowmen Melt my Heart
cost $15.00
OK, so I do have to admit that I like to see all the snowmen littering the yards of my friends and neighbors.  There is something special about those little guys with their old scarves and twinkling eyes.  This kit comes with vinyl, paper, letters, snowflakes and even felt and instructions to make the cute little hat. It will bring a smile to your face every time you see it.

Winter Subway Art
cost $12.00
Remind yourself of all the fun things winter has in store with this fun subway art.  Kit comes with unpainted wood, vinyl, button and ribbon. 

Mitten Door Hanger
cost $13.00
 I have had lots of requests for more shapes and no wonder, they are so cute! Hang these mittens (each one is over 7") on the back of your door, from a peg or even a wreath hanger.  They go together quick and are a lot of fun.  (Do you think if I put them on the back door, the kids will remember to grab their gloves before they head out?  Just an idea.)
Kit includes painted wood, paper, ribbon and vinyl.

Snowman blocks 2
cost $10.00
These little snowmen were a hit for Super Saturdays.  I can't tell you how many we did.  I dressed him up a little to match the new kits and he is already to go.  Perfect kit for a beginner or a pro. He will definitely warm your spirits
Kit comes with unpainted blocks, paper, fabric and everything you need to finish him up.

I will be taking orders from now until Jan 12th.  Please email me your order at

Remember $5.00 off each individual order of 3 or more different kits.

Have a great week!

Tracy Rushton

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