St. Patrick's Day Kits

Green, Gold, Black, Good Luck and Pinches.  That's what St. Patrick's means to me!  I have created 3 new kits to help you celebrate St. Patrick's day at your house.

Lucky Letters
cost $ 18
Here is a little Irish Proverb you can share with family and friends.  This kit comes with wood, paper, vinyl and instructions to finish. 
If you want to take this as a class it will be offered at Heartfelt Creations on March 8 at 6 pm (cost for class is $21)

Shamrock Blocks
cost $15
Three shamrocks sitting on blocks to bring you good luck. Included painted wood, paper, tulle and instructions.
This kit will also be offered as a class the same night.(cost for class is $18)

St. Patrick's Day Subway Art
cost $12
Don't miss out on this bright and fun subway art . Kit comes with unpainted wood, vinyl and embellishments.

Please have all orders turned into me by March 3.Email me to order (


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