Birthday Cupcakes

It was D3's Birthday last week.  17, I can not believe it.  I am not sure how I got to be so old as to have one married daughter, one getting married, one in collage and one a junior in high school. CRAZY!!

Anyway, to celebrate this birthday, she simply wanted to go to dinner with her dad and I so there wasn't much of a party this time around, but we still couldn't forget the cupcakes.

To make them, I used my favorite chocolate cake recipe.  When the cupcakes were cool, I made this frosting recipe from Wilton.  (It tastes nummy, its not to friendly for the waist).
Using a big decorating tip we just swirled the frosting on and added some purple sprinkles. To finish it up, I  added a cordial cherry to the top. They were a huge hit and so good!

(a not so good picture of the birthday girl)


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  1. I make that frosting every time I make cupcakes. Yummy!