Easter Banner How to

So I promised an Easter Banner and another Silhouette/Cameo how -to, so here it is combined into one.

Simple Easter Banner w/ basic shapes

Supplies needed: 
12x12 Cardstock- 2 White, 2 pink, 2 yellow and 2 green.  1 purple for flowers
1 yard white ribbon
8 yellow buttons
Tape runner, Foam Pop Dots, Glue Dots
1.       Open your SSDE and select the Large Square Scallop. ( square_scallop_LG_1199 ) 
2.      Select the Offset and set the difference to .10, and hit OK.
3.      Delete the original and move the new square off to the side.
4.      Open the Large Square Scallop (square_scallop_LG_1205)
5.      Select ungroup and move the middle square out to the side. 
6.      Regroup the remaining design
7.      Layer all of the shapes together.

8.      Select Artisan Nesting Rectangular (artisans_nesting_rectangular_C00685_19210)
9.      Ungroup
10.      Select the smallest size and delete the rest
11.      Use the Scale button. Uncheck lock Aspect Ration and set it at a width of 5.5 and height of 5.5. Click on apply.
12.      Make sure all the layers fit and then delete the unused Rectangles

13.      To make your text choose a font (Georgia) and type “Easter”
14.      To enlarge it drag on one of the corners. 
15.      Ungroup the word if you do not have room on the “paper” for every letter to fit.

16.       Separate all the shapes.  Decide which colors to use and use the replicate tool to cut.

17.      Cut the following
            Letters in White
            6 Scallop Backgrounds in white
            6 Square Scallops, 2 in each color
            6 Solid Squares, 2 in each color

18. Arrange the shapes and letters until you are happy with them.  Use a tape runner to assemble them.  You can also use foam pop dots to give them added dimension.

19.      Optional- Use the SSDE and cut out as many purple flowers as you would like.
20.      Use glue dots to adhere flowers to the squares. 
21.      Use glue dots again to add buttons to the middle of each flower.
22.      With a hole Punch, punch 2 holes in the upper corner of each square.

23.       Tie the squares together with a piece of ribbon.

24.      On each end of the banner, tie a loop to hang the banner.

25.       Hang your banner and show it off with pride!
*You can also make your banner hang vertical by punching holes in all 4 corners of each square and tying the squares vertical, one on top of the other.

Tracy Rushton

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