Spring Kits

Last week's Easter class went really well.  I have shipped out all the Easter Kits also.  Because the "Ears are the best part" kit was such a hit I made a few extras and I have 3 left that are ready to go today.  They will go on a first come basis.  Please email me ASAP.  (rushton_tracy@yahoo.com)

Now we have three new spring kits for you and if you enjoyed the lucky kits, you are going to love the spring ones:

Spring is Beautiful
cost $18

Beautiful colors, butterflies and a true saying.  This kit makes you want to open the windows and let the fresh air in. Kit includes painted wood, paper, letters, vinyl and embellishments.

cost $12.00
I am making these for a Relief Society group and they have been a HUGE hit.  Get yours now before they are gone.  They would make a great gift for all your gardening friends. Kit includes painted wood, paper and vinyl.

April Showers
cost $18
A perfect saying to keep up all spring long.  This kit includes painted wood, paper, vinyl and embellishments.

I will be taking orders until 7th.  Please email me at rushotn_tracy@yahoo.com

I will also be teaching both the April showers and the Spring is Beautiful at Heartfelt on April 12 if you are interested in taking them as a class.  (cost for classes are $21)


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