Boys and Girls Kit

Spring is definitely in the air and with it all the craziness that accompanies the end of a season and the beginning of another.  If you are needing a break and a project to work on look what I have for you!

Girls-Everything Nice

Pink, green and yellow.  This kit is perfect for your little girls room.  Kit comes with paper, vinyl, painted wood and embellishment.  Everything you need to let your little girl know how you feel about her.

Boys-Dirt plus Noise

Those poor boys get overlooked so often but not this time.  As the mother of a boy, I know just how true this saying is.  Kit comes with paper, vinyl, painted wood and all the embellishments.  If you have a boy, big or small, you need this kit!

I will be taking orders for both of these kits till Friday May 5th.  To place an order, Email me at

Tracy Rushton

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