Pick your color - Pick your team

I am happy to announce the Cinch bags have been a huge success!  Wow!  I have had lots of requests for "school" bags.  Here, we are a house divided when it comes to our team of choice so to be fair I had to make one of each.

I won't tell you what one I root for...

But I will tell you in our house of 8 members - 4 bleed blue...

while 4 cheer for the wrong team ;)

If you want to show your loyalty, I am offering these bags as a kit, a class (at Heartfelt) or the pattern and instructions.

Same prices and info as the other cinch bags.  Just email me to order

The BYU/Utah pattern comes with a template to make the letter for each bag.
Not a fan of either team?  You can still order the pattern and use fabric from the team you cheer for.
When ordering please indicate if you want the Boy/Girl pattern or the BYU/Utah Pattern.


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