Grandma's Chairs

Wondering where I have been this past month?  Well I started a new job.  I have been teaching and designing for Heartfelt Creations for the past two years but last month I started working there.  I mostly design the weekly page kits, put story board and displays together;  I also get to work with new products.  Its really been fun but going back to work has taken some getting use to!

Last week we also took D3 back to school, so this week we have been cleaning, making DI runs and rearranging bedrooms.

I am also working on new kits for Birthday, Back to School and Halloween.

That's not all... here is a project I have been working on with my sister.

My New Red Chair

Here is the story of my new red chair.

These 2 yellow chairs have been a part of my Grandma's house for as long as I can remember...even longer than that.  My mom said she remembers as a little girl helping her mother reupholstered them.
When my grandma got sick she would sit in one of the chairs and visit with anybody that would come to call.  She always sat in one and gave the other one to her visitor, insisting they were the most comfortable chairs in the house.

Two years ago this August, Grandma passed away.  Last summer when my sister and I went with my mom to help clean out grandma's house, we asked if we could each have one of the chairs. My yellow chair sat in my front room for a year.  Every time I looked at it I was reminded of Grandma;  however the yellow just looked out of place in my home.

Last month my sister and I decided it was time to do something with our chairs.  I remember mom telling us how grandma had reupholstered them so many years ago so I didn't think she would mind if we did it again.

The first step was Stripping the chairs down.  We did it in my mom's unfinished basement.
As we worked we took lots of photos and notes so we would know how to put it back (keep in mind, neither one of us had ever done anything like this before!)

After we stripped all the old yellow fabric, we sanded the wood and painted it a glossy black.

We worked together to finish them, but I have to say honestly I wouldn't have been able to do it without Carla's help.  (My hammer and Tack skills leave a little to be desired--but we got a good laugh!)

Carla's house is all done in creams and blacks so her chair (the one with the writing) was perfect.
I have always wanted a Red Chair to go in my front room to match my browns, blacks and reds.

I love how they turned out.  And now when I see my new Red Chair, I still think of Grandma but I think she is smiling and a little proud of what we did!

Tracy Rushton

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