Bo Bunny Mini Album and other fall projects

I am super excited.  Heartfelt Creations has asked me to put some videos together.  And if that wasn't enough they gave me this really cute and fun collection to work with.  I LOVE Bo Bunny. 

Here is the video to see up close everything I did.

Here are some photos of each project

First is the layout with room for 7 photos or journaling.
These are some up close photos of the tags, flowers, brads, stickers and ribbon. (oh so much I loved about this collection!)

Next up is the Mini Album. 
This was my most favorite.  It was so fun to put together.  Can't wait to get some photos in it!
Cards and tags (very simple)

This is my Lantern that I bought at Swiss Days a couple of weeks ago!
Check out Bo Bunny and this fun Apple cider Collection. 


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  1. I'm so glad that I'm following you! What a great mini album! Thanks so much for sharing:)