My Haunted House

I finished it, and I love it.
This is entirely made from Paper. I used my Cameo and .svg files from SVGCuts.
It took me a couple of evening after work to get it all cut out and glued together but I love how it turned out.  And the best part?  The roof comes off so I could use it as a treat box.  Hmmm. I am thinking....
Also thinking I need to make more of these.
Oh and while I am sharing stuff, check this out...
 These Boo letters are also made from paper.  Its another svg file form SVGCuts. 
I taught the ladies in my Silhouette Club how to use double sided adhesive paper to make glitter paper and how to use a background (spider web background) to fill a letter.  We also imported .png files.  It was lots of fun.  I have the best ladies in my club!


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