Heat Transfer and the Cameo

For Silhouette Club in February, I taught
the ladies how to use Heat transfer Vinyl.  We had a lot of fun and created some great projects.

The first project was this bag, perfect for a little (or big) girl- in fact I am going to use it for a birthday gift at a party my 14 year old is attending this weekend. 
To make the bag, use the Fairy Silhouette File from the Silhouette store, then add your own text.  I cut it out in white and turquoise and pressed it to a canvas bag I bought at Walmart.
Loved how this turned out!
Next up we used the Heat Transfer on Canvas boards (once again bought at Walmart- 3 of them for like 5$)
To make the P.S. I love you board I used the lovebirds on a branch file and then typed my own text.  This board was the easiest to do.  I sized the lovebird file to fit my board and placed the text right under it.  Once it was all cut I pressed it (notice the word press?  You don't want to move the iron back and forth as that causes the vinyl to move and winkle.
The Last project was also very simple.  I used another file from the Silhouette store, this time a word art; then I added four hearts that I had created myself for another project.  Once again I cut everything out and pressed it to a canvas board. 
These boards look so nice just as they are, they can be set on an easel or even better framed in a beautiful frame to match your décor.  Perfect wedding gifts!
If you are interested in joining us for Silhouette Club at the store please call Heartfelt Hobby and Craft @ 801-233-9028.
I am also in the process of getting things set up so we can do classes via the web but that might take a little while so be patient.

Tracy Rushton

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