Mickey Mouse Quilt

Just thought I would share a quick post with you today.

We had this really fun fabric come in last week...I love all things Disney!

My mom, sister and I also went in together and bought a long arm quilting machine.

So Fun...
So Scary!!!!

Anyway for a practice quilt I threw this quilt together pretty quick and then took it to moms to quilt.

I am not a professional--at all but I love how this turned out!

The top itself was pretty simple.  Its just a large panel of Mickey Mouse. I then put two borders on it.
one white with black polka dots and the second red with little black mickey heads.

It went together very quickly.

Then the quilting.
We bought a a Handi Quilter Sixteen.  
No computer on board so all the quilting will be free style or panto-graphs.
I found this one on line and thought it worked out pretty good for a first timer.
Now I have a fun quilt to curl up in whenever I watch one of my favorite Disney Movies 
(that's if I can ever get it away from my girls!)

Watch for more quilt projects to come!


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